I found Eddie to be an amazing instructor very knowledgeable with vast experience during my open water course, Nitox and drysuit specialty training.

I struggled with understanding theory due to dyslexia Eddie would take time to help me to understand it and din between lessons I could contact him and he would help me to understand.  During the practical I found Eddie to have a unique way of making me believe in my capabilities and at all times made me feel safe and giving me confidence in diving and the understanding to stay within my limits

I would highly recommend Eddie as an instructor, he is fun friendly and takes a personal interest in you

Thank you Eddie for the training.

I found Kev to be an amazing divemaster, Kev like my instructor, would help me to understand the theory during my open water training due to me being dyslexia Kev helped make this training fun while ensuring we knew he had our safety at top of the list

During the water training I found Kev was always there to assist me if I had difficulty and when doing regulator recovery skill practice he was there with his octopus ready to provide me with it should I have had a problem

I would highly recommend Kev as a divemaster, he is a fantastic full of life person, respectful and has your safety at top of his list

Thank you Kev for the training

Carl was the trainee divemaster who was my dive buddy, Carl was very supportive before and after dives, giving me feedback both positive and negative but in a way that provided feedback and improvement.

During the dives Carl was always less than an arms length away, regularly asked how much air I had and checking if I was OK.  With Carl by my side I never felt worried and while swimming around he would point at things to see which made the dives relaxing and exciting,

Thank you car for being my dive buddy and good luck finishing your dive master training!