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One of our Assistant Instructors, Kevin qualified as a Master Scuba Diver (highest non professional certification) before becoming a Pro.  

This has provided Kev with knowledge and experience in a range of specialty courses.  Kevin is always willing to learn and is very keen to pass his experiences onto student divers and is looking forward to advancing his professional qualifications and becoming a PADI Instructor. 

Kevin has been PADI professional for just over a year and has been passionate about scuba diving for a number of years now. "Scuba diving allows me to explore the breath taking world below the water; assisting Instructors with students and lets me share my love of the aquatic world with others whilst simultaneously doing what I enjoy the most - diving. I have completed a number of PADI courses and have embraced the PADI way of life which has truly opened a new world of diving for me. Furthermore I have completed a number of comprehensive programs that set and confirm the high standards for training that I strive to uphold.

I joined Indigo Elite Divers as a Divemaster and in Early 2023, became a joint partner with Eddie at Indigo Elite Divers, this has enabled us to enrich and empower more people into becoming divers; meeting the highest standards set out by PADI."

I feel immense pride for my journey and I can't wait to meet new divers whilst continuing my diving education and supporting the underwater environment.

Currently he is working towards becoming a PADI Instructor.